Sunday, October 26, 2003

Just in time for Halloween, the local convenience stores have stocked up on pumpkin-flavoured Pocky! But I think I'll pass...

The other day, my friend Danny was wondering how to get me to come out dancing all night with him and his friends. (I'm 31! At midnight I start yawning!) I said, "Find me glow-in-the-dark yarn! I'll come out with you, as long as I can sit in a corner and knit." Now I see that there is (almost) such a thing! Maggi posted a link to NiteLite glow-in-the-dark thread! I could hold a strand of this stuff together with wool and knit safety mittens! Cooool.

I knitted like mad on my mini-ringel sock over the weekend, and now I'm in the home stretch: about two inches to go before starting toe decreases. I love how the colours are coming out. The heel flap turned out very well (stripes in double thickness).

You'll all be happy to know that Billy and I are finally taking full advantage of our rooftop these days. The weather is really pleasant now: usually clear and sunny, around 20 to 25 degrees, and often breezy. We have a little hibachi barbecue, and we barbecued various things and ate them outside on Friday, Saturday (with friends over), and Sunday. It's great. And so sudden: Bill's birthday (October 15) was the first day in months that we didn't turn on the air conditioner. Now we have to put on sweaters to sit outside at night. What a crazy place this is. I am so gonna whip up a scarf after this sock.

I keep forgetting to do this: click here to see the colours of the Koigu that Rachael sent; click here (and scroll down to colour 28) to see the crazy, hairy yarn that Em sent.

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