Thursday, September 25, 2003

I'm a zombie today. I have no energy. I want to go back to bed. Delayed jet lag? Hmm. I had my feelings hurt last night, so that isn't helping. Remember I was gloating yesterday about being told I looked thinner and tanned? I went out with some friends for a beer after work last night. (I should preface this little exchange by pointing out that these are stereotypically bitchy British gay friends.) I arrive at the bar with my coworker Danny (a nice Australian gay friend), and Jon is already there.

Jon (to me): Well, you've really stacked on the weight, haven't you?
Me (stunned): Uh...
Jon: Oh, it's just that A-line skirt. (pauses for a beat) At least, I hope it is!

OK, ouch. And double ouch for being too surprised to come up with a biting comeback -- or even a petty, reactionary one, for Pete's sake. (A simple "you're an enormous bitch" would've sufficed.) And feeling crappy for the rest of the evening, wondering why on earth I let him get away with that, knowing full well that his royal gayness seemed somehow to excuse this totally rude comment. Also annoyed because I'm not even the kind of lady who gives a crap about her weight. Grrr. Anyway, when I left the bar, where I'd been sitting next to Jon, I said, "I'm going. You'll have lots more room now, darling."

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