Friday, September 26, 2003

I'm still struggling to get back into the routine of ordinary life post-holiday. I'll try to bring you some photos and a knitting update this weekend. In the meantime, I offer you a few things to read (a.k.a. a blogging copout).

  • "School offers only 'guy stuff' for day" (National Post):
    In an experiment that some have criticized as a throwback to the 1950s, a high school here yesterday sent the girls off to learn hairstyling and makeup tips while the boys stayed behind to be boys. ... "It's not fair," 15-year-old Valerie said as she and a friend left school. "We don't have any fun activities like the boys. We don't get a free supper. Instead they give us makeup, hairstyling and sewing. I'd rather see the four-wheelers."
  • "Sexism: Who's calling the shots?" (The Age):
    The business of interpreting images of women has never been more complicated. Indeed, it might be hard for the average man, looking at the bewildering array of images on display, to work out what women feel about themselves.
  • "Give me strength!" (Guardian columnist Julie Burchill):
    As "empowering" has come to mean a woman's right to thongs and pole-dancing, rather than equal pay, so a Strong Woman is now not one who has struggled to survive poverty and oppression, but one whose life of emotional incontinence and sucking up to men has been thwarted -- before she "struggles" back to her usual state of self-deception.
  • Oh, and thanks for your support -- and awesome comeback suggestions -- yesterday. Man, knitters are tough, yo!

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