Saturday, September 27, 2003

[There used to be a photo here.]

This is my friend Marlo and me at the lovely little store in Montreal that sells both used books and Patons yarn. Could two better worlds possibly collide? I bought seven balls of Patons Canadiana for a sweater, with no pattern in mind and no idea whether seven balls is enough or too much. I also picked up a book called The Grammar Lady, by Mary Newton Bruder. Maybe you all know about this lady already, but I didn't. I want to be her. Her mission is to make people care about grammar. And she's funny.

[There used to be a photo here.]

Later that day, I popped into what seems to be the LYS in the city, A la tricoteuse. In the photo, I'm holding a Phildar bag, but inside are two balls of Regia mini-ringel yarn.

I haven't even unpacked all my new yarn, so I don't have an inventory. But now I'm a lady with a stash! Oh, the coveted stash! I only bought things with specific projects in mind. Lots of socks, a sweater for me, a toddler sweater, a scarf for me, mittens, dishcloths, and another ChicKami.* At the moment, I'm knitting a pair of socks for myself. The pattern, Lace Panel Socks, is from a Patons booklet called Pull up your socks. I'm enjoying doing the lace. This is something that surprises me a little about myself, for some reason. Anyway, I think they'll look nice in a pair of Mary Janes.

*What do I mean, another ChicKami? Yes, I did finish my RocKami from way, way back. I have to block it, and then I'll have Billy take my picture in it. Is that an easy pattern or what? I like the shape of the square neck a lot, though next time I'll try to set the straps a little farther apart. My bra straps sit outside of my RocKami straps, but hey, that can rock! Right?

Oh, and about the latest Knitty: the only thing I want to make is the bpt. I like some of the other things, but I don't want to make them. Maybe next year I'll make a poncho villa for the Canadian autumn. Navy blue, I think. Man, I miss autumn. It's my favourite time of the year, but it doesn't really happen here in Taipei. I'm happy to report, though, that summer is pretty much over now. Still a bit damp and sweaty, but cooler. Ahh.