Monday, August 25, 2003

Hi! I really should be asleep, but my internal clock is still a little screwy. At this very moment, I'm in my old bedroom. My family built this house, and we moved in when I was one. It's always nice to come back.

You may have heard news about some serious forest fires burning in the Okanagan Valley at the moment. I arrived on Friday night; by the next morning, more than two hundred homes had been destroyed. Anyway, fortunately, my parents' place is not in danger. The air is very smoky, though. It's eerie to be so close to so much destruction, and of course it's the talk of the town.

By the time I got here on Friday night, I'd been travelling for about thirty-five hours, and I didn't sleep on the way. I called Bill when I got here, and he asked, "Did you knit yourself a whole jumpsuit? Did you knit sweaters for everyone on the plane?" Well, the truth is this: I knit one sock. In stockinette stitch. What is up with that? It's kind of embarrassing, actually! I'm feeling a little insecure in my knittinghood. One lousy 4-ply sock. And I was knitting like a mofo!

Anyway, I think I'll cruise through a few blogs to catch up. Jeez, I'm away for a few days and up pops the Grammar Avengers webring! Awesome. I signed up faster than you can say "i before e, except after c." Thanks, Em!

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