Sunday, July 27, 2003

I finished the bulky asymmetrical baby cardigan, and it's very cute indeed. I'll show you a photo soon. As for the next incarnation of the frogged Bulky Baby Bibby, I'm thinking: quick hat & mitts. I'm anxious to move on to my ChicKami, especially after seeing the updated pattern. Don't you love the photo of the wide-strap unshaped ChicKami? Now I don't know which one to make first.


I've signed up for the KnittingKitty ring, but unfortunately you won't start seeing regular photos of my dear cat, Mooky (above). Isn't he handsome? He lives in Montreal. But I'll be visiting him in a month or so, so there will be kitty pictures then. But I'm confident enough in my cat-person status, with or without physically living with a cat, that I joined the ring anyway. (Plus there's the super-cute KnittingKitty graphic that Michelle made!)

Remember the Fuzzy Feet Felt-Along? A photo of my giant pre-felting sock is finally up on page 7 (4th from the bottom). The cool thing about looking through the FFFA pages now is that I recognize so many of the names, where I only knew who a couple of the knitbloggers were back in February.

I hope y'all are having a great weekend!

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