Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I'm way ahead of schedule: I'm going to cast on for ChicKami tonight! I swatched on Sunday evening. I think the yarn I'm using is a bit thin for the pattern, but I'm not sure. I hit the right gauge with 5mm needles. At that size, the knitted fabric looked a little holey to me, so the swatching process (highly scientific) included me pulling up my T-shirt; balancing small, black knitted squares on my chest; and asking Bill, "Can you see my bra through this one?" Hey, I'm using yarn that I bought on the street, and the label is all in Japanese, OK? There's quite a bit of winging-it action happening around here. So yeah, I bought a 5mm circ after work tonight, and I'm ready to rock. Ooh! I'm going to call mine the RocKami! Yeaaahhhh [one hand in full devil-horns position, the other waving a flickering Bic lighter].

I finished one sleeve of Haiku last night. For some reason, knitting the body took me ages, but the sleeve went quite quickly. One more sleeve and then seaming. One question: I expect the mystery yarn to shrink quite a bit in the wash, and I allowed for that in the measurements. Should I wash the pieces to shrink them before seaming? Or should I join the pieces together before putting the finished sweater in the wash? I'm thinking wash first, but I'm not sure.

Coming very soon: an exciting announcement! Stay tuned...

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