Thursday, June 19, 2003

We're moving to our new apartment tomorrow! But we haven't called yet about setting up the ADSL, so I may be offline for a little while (hopefully not long). Unbelievably, I forgot to mention the other day -- as I was going on and on about the rooftop -- that there is a yarn store two blocks from the new apartment! Any neighbourhood with a yarn store is a good neighbourhood in my books. I saw the store last week when I went to pay our deposit. Popped in briefly to check it out: It's tiny, but seems OK. It's the first place I've seen knitting books and magazines, but I didn't check to see if any were in English. It carries Regia Crazy Colors. Perhaps I can convince them to become a 24-hour yarn-convenience store!

Speaking of yarn, I often drool all over everybody's blogs and dream of yarns that sound so luscious: Cotton Big Sport, Koigu, Rowan anything, etc. See, we don't have that stuff here. You may remember that I almost fainted with joy when I found a pile of Crazy Colors in a little shop. So I gaze longingly at all the knit-alongs and wish I could get my hands on the right kinds of yarn. Something that I can buy in Taipei is Gedifra yarns (I made a fuzzy scarf our of Micro Chic). I never read about anyone using it, though, so whatever...until today! I see that Wendy is Smooching with Gedifra Wellness! Well, well, well, this is exciting. Perhaps I'll pay closer attention to the Gedifra selection after all. The store near the new apartment is filled with Gedifra!

See you soon, from my new rooftop! And yes, there will be photos. (There will also soon be photos of one lonely Paint Box sock and one cutie Turd-Along mouse!)

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.
Which Silent Starlet are You?

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