Sunday, June 22, 2003

Young knitter
You're a young knitter, just starting out. Welcome
to the fold! Find yourself some nice soft yarn
and grab a latte- it takes a while to finish a
project but it's well worth it.

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I typed a nice big post an hour ago, and then Blogger ate it. Grr. The gist of it was this: our computer is still set up at our old apartment, and that's where I am today -- cleaning. Why is it that every time I move I end up cleaning two places from top to bottom? Anyway, we're paid up at the old place until the end of the month, and the new tenant isn't moving in till then, so we're leaving the computer hooked up here in case we want to drop in and use it.

Our new place rocks! We have so much space, inside and out. We don't have much stuff, though. We don't want to spend too much money on things that we'll leave behind in a year, so we're nurturing a college-student-pad aesthetic: two chairs and a TV. But what comfortable chairs! I've always liked these springy babies from Ikea:

[There used to be a photo of a Poang chair here.]

I see that one of these costs $145 in Canada. We paid $80 for two at a local non-Ikea! Ha! Down with The Man.

OK. Bathroom, floors, walls: check. On to the kitchen cupboards. (Sigh!) But tonight you'll find me on a brand-new springy chair, watching a made-for-TV movie about Ted Bundy. Woo! I love that stuff. I just read Ann Rule's The Stranger Beside Me in Thailand, so I'm primed for Bundy.

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