Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Hume Cronyn, a great Canadian actor, has died. He was 91.

I must say I'm not surprised that y'all think we should bring Dingy Cat to our new apartment. But it has occurred to us that she may very well belong to somebody. Yes, really. It is entirely possible that she is someone's pet, despite being dingy and wormy. (Except for fluffy little dogs, pets in this city seems to occupy a lower rung on the ladder of devotion than what I'm used to.) So do we catnap her? Do we leave notes in the neighbours' mailboxes? Now I'm leaning toward the original deal, where we will provide the food and our roommates will feed The Dinge. I feel a bit like feeding Dingy is about her, but taking her is about me.

I'm moving right along on the little mystery-yarn Haiku. Well, "moving right along" might be wishful thinking, since I'm the slowest knitter in the world. I marvel at the bloggers who whip up sweaters for themselves in a week! (You know who you are.) Anyway, since the box stitch is quicker, more fun, and prettier than garter stitch, I'm doing the whole back of the sweater in box stitch instead of just two strips. The colours of the mystery yarn are really nice. I'm just a little afraid that the finished sweater will look like a cotton dishcloth with arms. Has anyone else out there finished (and photographed) a Haiku? I'd love to see it. (There is a photo in the Knitty gallery.)

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