Saturday, December 16, 2006

Links: Holiday craftiness

Over the last couple of weeks, I've felt really inspired by all of the holiday crafts people are making and sharing on their blogs. I've been bookmarking sites like crazy, and I figured I'd gather together a bunch of those links for you, in case you're feeling crafty in these last days before Xmas.

-button wreath, at little birds handmade

-soft trees, also at little birds

-felt garland, by Anna Maria Horner

-mitten ornament, at disdressed (instructions here)

-how to make an embroidered felt ornament

-pom-pom garland, at My Paper Crane (from last year, but so sweet)

-double-knit mini stocking ornament, by pieKnits

-button ornaments, at Martha Stewart Kids

-how to make a fabric yo-yo, by Heather Bailey (then use your yo-yos to make a yo-yo garland or a Christmas tree ornament)

-elf stitchette embroidery patterns, at WeeWonderfuls

-dress-up paper dolls and ornaments, by The Small Object, on Kiddley

-update! mini Christmas stocking pattern, by Little Cotton Rabbits (love these!)

I should really stay away from the non-knitting blogs, I know, since I barely have time to knit, let alone break out the fabric, buttons, and hot glue gun. Before I learned to knit (about four years ago), I used to sew, and make lino-cut prints, and take photographs, and make collages. I'd like to do a few of those things again. I picked up some lovely old buttons on my latest thrift, so I'll leave you with those (click for a Lady Fashion close-up):

Have a fabulous weekend, and wish me luck on my term paper!


Carrie said...

Great links! And I lovelove the new look!

Paula said...

Use your oddball leftover yarn to make Kristin Nicholas’ pom-pom wreath.

marielle said...

Nice buttons! And good luck!

Missy said...

Thanks for supplying all those awsome links! I had seen a few of those projects before, but many of them were delightful surprises. Good luck on your term paper!

connie said...

awesome links, thanks! LUCK!!

LEO said...

Agh my google reader isn't picking up your feed lately!! How frustrating.

I looove the new look. I remember for a little while there you had the "how do I put a jpeg here?" message at the top - glad to see you made that work out.

I'm trying to figure it out myself lately (on beta blogger). I think I figured out how to do it, but now I have to decide what I want to put there. Preferably something I won't find embarrassing 30 seconds after putting it up...