Saturday, November 18, 2006

This post is brought to you by the letter å

It's been a busy week, and since some of that busy-ness was purely social, it's going to be a busy weekend. I did manage to pick up some yarn for Xmas-gift socks (thinking I was quite on top of things, and then realizing said socks will have to be in the mail in just a few weeks...). I don't want to reveal too much, but it's all Regia, and one sock is done:

Top (in a 100g ball and knitted up) is Regia Canadian Color [sic] #4744 (which is not any particular city or province, sadly, but just "sea"). At the bottom left is a light-and-dark gray (Regia 4-fädig Color #1933, which is either "denim black" or "grå mix," depending on which Google result you prefer -- I like "grå mix"). And at bottom right is also Regia 4-fädig Color (#5171, a.k.a. "blå/brun mix," a.k.a. "skater color" [huh?]).

So I'm probably going to be all about gift socks for the next month. I did finish both sleeves (up to where they'll be joined with the body) of my EZ saddle-shoulder sweater, and I'm just an inch past the bottom hem of the sweater body. Since it's for me, though, it'll be put aside for a little while. It's not cold here yet anyway (touch wood).

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