Thursday, November 02, 2006

There were a few requests in the comments to the last post for a closer look at Mooky's blanket. As I mentioned, it was knit by Bill's mom. It's two strands of worsted-weight acrylic held together, and it's actually cream, not white. (Still, a good choice for a black cat.)

I didn't have room to spread it out, but all the elements can be seen here. I like that cables run down the very edges (as seen at the top in the photo).

Here's something funny. Bill's mom gave us this blanket several years ago. It went into storage, along with everything else, while Bill and I were in Taiwan. And I only started knitting while in Taiwan. When we came back and were unpacking in Ontario, there was a box I'd labelled "crocheted blanket." I was shocked! Horrified! Clearly this is a knitted blanket! But I hadn't known the difference when I'd labelled the box.

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