Saturday, October 14, 2006

On this day in history...

William the Conqueror wins England in Battle of Hastings

1586: Mary, Queen of Scots, goes on trial for conspiracy against Elizabeth

1806: French beat Prussians in Battle of Auerstadt

1934: "Lux Radio Theatre" premieres

1947: Chuck Yeager breaks sound barrier

1962: Cuban Missile Crisis begins

1975: Sporting button that says "I LIKE ME," and eyeing cake, I turn three


Alison said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you get cake today, too. :)

anne said...

Thank goodness for backup birthday comments! Have a great one. Definitely wear the button if you still have it.

regina said...

Happy happy birthday!

FemiKnitMafia said...

Happy Birthday!

megan said...

happy happy birthday ms. brainylady!