Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bits and pieces

1. Yesterday was fun: Bill and I went to Chinatown for food and, frankly, to wander among people who were speaking Mandarin. Then we went to a hockey game in the evening. We were sitting wa-a-ay up in the super-hooligans / verbal-abuse section -- luckily, the Habs won with about two minutes left in the game, so everyone smooshed into the metro on the way home was in a good mood.

2. This comic makes me laugh.

3. I finished knitting my supervisor's chocolate Manly Ribbed Socks, so check back for photos tomorrow!

4. People still send photos to the Rock-Along Gallery! Who knew? Clearly I can no longer keep up with the specific-year buttons, so I made a new button with no date on it -- you can choose from three colour combos:


(That's an image of Hello Yarn's fabulous We Call Them Pirates hat in the background, because Adrian really, really rocks.)

5. I think I'm going to take a page from the Big Sister book of recent knitting and delve into the Drawer of Languishing Knits to do some finishing. I want to at least get the ugly Stashbuster socks off my to-knit list...

6. That thing people say about having to read all the time when doing a Ph.D.? Yeah, they're not kidding. I'm taking bets on how soon I'll need glasses.

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