Friday, June 23, 2006

The well-travelled Koigu

A few years ago, the lovely Rachael sent me two skeins of Koigu. Like all Koigu, it had come from Ontario; Rachael bought it in California and sent it to me in Taiwan. Then I brought it to Ontario and finally knit a pair of socks with it. Full circle.

Plain ol' k2p2 ribbing, but for the heels and toes I (mostly) followed the pattern for Nancy Bush's Rib and Cable Socks, from the fall 2005 IK. So these are just pretty much the Rib and Cable Socks without the cables, and with a bit less ribbing in the heel flap:

The heels are very comfortable, but I think I'll stick with the regular wedge toe -- these ones look interesting but feel lumpy from the inside. I prefer a grafted toe.

I took all kinds of pictures of these socks to try to capture the yarn's true colours, and it wasn't easy. I think this one comes closest (it's a little brighter than in those two shots above):

As you can see, it's not really accurate to call these "green socks" -- there is lots of blue, brown, and gold, too, at different levels of saturation. (Colour is P519.) It's beautiful yarn, and I enjoyed knitting with it. I might have to try this Koigu thing again sometime.

. . .

I met with my thesis supervisor yesterday, and we came up with a deadline for me to submit a draft of the Whole Thing: July 5. (Yes, July 5 of this year.) So let the countdown begin! My deadline is 12 days away. If I start showing you a new pair of socks every two or three days, please remind me of this.

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