Monday, June 12, 2006

Success! (With photos!)

We're home already -- a day early, because we found a place on Saturday and signed the lease yesterday! That was actually one of the easiest house-hunting missions ever. We only looked at three places before we found it. It's the main floor of a duplex. Would you like to see the living room?

It's on a quiet-ish street that is just half a block from a park, three blocks from a main street with restaurants and all the -eries (boulangerie, fruiterie, charcuterie, etc.), and about six blocks from a metro (subway) station. More on all that, of course, when we move -- which will probably be mid-July.

. . .

We found ourselves with some free time on Sunday afternoon, so we went to McGill to check things out at my soon-to-be academic base camp...

How fascinating! McGill University is fancy and impressive in both official languages! And the oldest university in the city -- I didn't know that.

Its founder, James McGill, was kind enough to pose for a few photos. What's that, James? A 24-hour Tim Hortons across the street? Well, yes, that could come in handy in a pinch -- thank you for pointing that out.

This is the Arts building. I suppose it's acceptable. And here's the view from the steps of the Arts building, looking down towards Sherbrooke Street:

(Hey, that's Bill!)

OK, time for me to get back to work. I have a thesis to finish. Please send vibes of productivity. Gotta finish gotta finish.

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