Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oh, hello there! I can guarantee you that your life is much more eventful than mine is these days. I'm mostly just working on my thesis. It will not be done at the beginning of June as I'd hoped it would -- and having accepted that, I feel much better about it. The thing is, I seem to have little control of my output. When the writing comes to me, it comes -- but when it doesn't, it really doesn't. I should probably train myself to write something every day regardless of the presence of my Academic Muse, but the eleventh hour of thesis writing is not the time to start cultivating good habits! So last week I freaked out because I was getting nowhere. This week I've accepted I'll be working on it most of the summer, and the good stuff is starting to come to me, the connections starting to form in my mind. Quite a relief. And I'm glad my freakout happened last week, since this week I've pulled or pinched a muscle in my neck and have been very uncomfortable for the past three days -- but at least I'm writing! :) In fact, I'm writing in bed: if I prop up a bunch of pillows just right, I can get work done on my laptop and feel suitably pathetic at the same time. It's great, actually. Mooky joins me for the whole afternoon, and I can spread out books and binders on Bill's side of the bed, as long as they're within arm's reach. (That's funny, isn't it? That even when I'm alone in the bed, sitting and writing in the middle of the day, I'm on my side. Why not in the middle?) So that's what I'll be doing today.

My new TV knitting is a pair of short socks for Bill to wear when he plays golf. Ankle socks rule! A few rounds and you're already at the heel!

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