Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's Wednesday afternoon -- my first Wednesday at home in 2006, I think, since my Wednesday morning class ended last week. And a very nice day to be home, too, as thunder is booming outside and the rain is coming down. Lucky me, sitting inside by the fireplace with a program about Fred and Rosemary West on A&E. (As you may know, there's nothing I enjoy more than a true-crime story.) Mooky's curled up in his bed, oblivious to the bad weather. I should really work on my meat-rationing research paper, or my thesis, or something, but it's just soooo nice to be lazy when given the chance.

I came across the following article yesterday: "Sewing Proves Popular Again." My first thought was, It's starting again... It was about three years ago, after all, that similar articles about knitting began to appear (with the now-cliché "not just for grannies" angle). Based on that precedent, I predict the launch of eight thousand sewing blogs in the coming year. Heck, maybe one will be mine, if I ever get around to actually using my new machine.

If I can ever manage to properly photograph red wool, I'll show you a little something I knitted up over the last few days...

I'm going to start considering changing out of my PJs soon. (Note to self: When you question or doubt your decision to spend these years of your life being a grad student, repeat these four words: "Pajamas in the afternoon." Then go and make another latte.)

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