Friday, March 31, 2006

A close race, indeed!

Pink had a clear early lead, but red rallied and overtook pink around the mid-way point. By the end, red was the winner, but not by too much -- at last count, red had 33 votes, pink had 25, and Em thought I should swatch both. (That was a good one! She's a funny lady.) I have to say that I'm still not completely sure, but I'm leaning to pink. So I'm going to start knitting a sleeve with the pink, and if it looks terrible I'll switch to red. But thanks for voting! If fifty people had said the pink was the worst idea ever, I'd have to reconsider, but since the results were close, I'm going with my knitter's gut on this one. I'll keep you posted. Now I think I'll go and put a little pink yarn olive in my sidebar, to keep me on track...

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