Friday, March 10, 2006

Ask, and ye may indeed receive

Whew! I handed in two (draft) thesis chapters yesterday, so I can, at least temporarily, tend to other parts of my life again. So, hi! My toe is not broken, and in fact the bruise is almost gone, thanks to the merino therapy. The snow has mostly all melted here, and it was about 8 degrees today. Um... OK, I think we're all caught up.

Do you remember the bright salmon/tandoori-coloured sweater I thrifted before Xmas? Remember I wrote a ha-ha classified ad, knowing full well I'd probably never get around to recycling that nice shetland wool? Here's that post, if you'd like to refresh your memory. Here's what the sweater looked like:

And here's what that sweater looks like now:

Yes, somebody answered my fake ad! Aren't people wonderful? An especially wonderful person in California -- a person with a recycling ethic, a sense of adventure, and a ball winder -- offered to do the job. I sent her the sweater about a month ago, and today these balls of wool arrived in the mail. It's like magic. Of course, we negotiated the terms, as I obviously couldn't supply a Californian with cups of coffee; I can, however, knit her a pair of socks! (I'll show you those when I finish.) Let's look at that gorgeous shetland wool again, shall we?

(Fisher Price dog included for scale.)

Thank you, Jean, for doing this. You're a thrifty knitblogger's dream.

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