Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Is "bright salmon" a colour?

I managed to get half of my marking, all of my editing, and none of my thesis-writing done over the weekend. (But I did turn the heel on the Jaywalker sock. A girl's gotta have priorities.) I'm so busy, yet somehow I thought it would be a good idea to pop into the Value Village the other day, and furthermore, to buy a Shetland-wool sweater -- not to wear, but to recycle. It's an enormous stockinette raglan V-neck, in good shape and rippable, and in a colour I can only describe as bright salmon. Actually, to be more specific, I'd say it's bright smoked salmon:

(No, I've just realized what colour this is. It's tandoori!) I envision this becoming a little cabled cardigan. Obviously a few steps need to be taken before a sweater can be turned into another sweater. And, also obviously, I don't have time to rip out those eight gajillion stitches, wash the wool, and wind it into balls! Who am I kidding? Hmm. Do you think it would be wrong -- like, ethically -- to put a classified ad in my local paper? Something like this:

WANTED: Someone with patience, nimble fingers, and respect for natural fibres needed for semi-skilled labour. Must be willing to work in exchange for cups of coffee. Call 1-800-RIP-RRIP.
Yeah, we all know that sweater is going to hang around, intact, for years. It's a nice idea, though. But I haven't worked on my Urban Aran in ages (though I did finish the back piece), and I'm knitting socks for Bill for Xmas (a surprise -- he doesn't read the blog, so I can tell you), and I don't really have time to knit much anyway.

::cue violins::
::quick, change topic::

If you've ever tried to take a photo of a black cat, you'll know it's not easy to capture anything more than a black featureless blob. But it can be done. I call this picture "The Paw":

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