Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dispatch from Evelyn Island*

I'm so in love with my Lace Leaf Scarf! Thanks for the compliments. I think I'll knit up a Bobble Leaf Scarf one of these days, too.

I'm just starting to get my head back into thesis writing, which is good since I've promised all kinds of things to my supervisor before Xmas. But this is one of those weekends: I'd love to just write and write, but I have a medium-sized pile of editing work that needs to be done, and I have a bunch of marking to do. Plus my kitchen is a nightmare and I promised to clean it, in exchange for the fabulous dinner Bill made last night (mushroom fried rice, stir-fried veggies, and sweet-and-sour deep-fried prawns). And I have to take care of writing Xmas cards. And I really want to have a long bubble bath and turn the heel on my first Jaywalker sock. What are you doing this weekend?

* Much of my thesis is concerned with an accused murderess named Evelyn. I've set up my desk in the corner of our living room and taken to calling it Evelyn Island. In my world, you see, thesis work is more important than a grasp on reality.

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