Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Extra! Extra!

I've got nothing for you. No knitting, no clever insights into, well, anything at all. I've just been working on my thesis, or else thinking about my thesis. You may remember that I'm looking at a sensational Canadian murder case from 1946, in which a man's torso was found on a mountainside, a baby's body turned up in a suitcase, and the young widow/mother -- Mrs. Evelyn Dick -- was charged with the murders. I've been immersed in newspaper coverage of the case, and I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite headlines:

  • Man's Torso Found, Foul Play Hinted
  • Life at Stake, Mrs. Dick Doffs Shoe, Wiggles Toes
  • Prison Stay Agrees with Evelyn Dick; Adds 20 Pounds
  • Plump-ish Evelyn in Court Wears Same Hat and Smile
  • Farmhand Testifies He Saw Man's Leg in Back of Car He Pulled from Mud
  • Mrs. Dick Like Unwilling Guest at Tea
  • 35 Women Hide in Tiny Washroom at Trial Lunchtime
  • Dismembering of Dick Brief Half Hour's Work, Sawed Arm Broken Off
  • "Where Is That Russian?" Said Asked by MacLean After Dick Disappeared
  • Daughter Ignores Father, Eyes Lover She Betrayed, Draws Only Chilly Stare
  • "Make This Good!" Smiling Mrs. Dick Urges Camera Men
  • Admirers Bestow Presents on Beautiful Evelyn Dick
  • Bobby-Soxers Join in Boos for Evelyn Dick

  • (The first one is by far the best, due to its exquisite understatement: a headless, limbless torso turns up, and foul play is "hinted"? Well, yes, I suppose it could have been suicide...)

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