Monday, January 23, 2006


I sewed the two pieces of the Backyard Leaves scarf together and then tried to casually loop it around my neck like the model in Scarf Style, and that's when I realized it: I've done knit myself a really long scarf. Like, really really long! But it works if I wrap it around my neck, oh, three times:

And that's fine, since it will be really warm. But if you're planning to knit this in a worsted-weight yarn, be warned! You won't have to do eleven repeats on each side. (Unless, of course, you want a really looooong scarf.) (You may be wondering why I didn't measure as I went along, or at least notice I was knitting a leviathan of a scarf. Honestly, I have no idea.)

* * *

Don't forget to vote today! I think I'm going to watch the election results tonight in a bar, so I have easy access to the numbing effects of alcohol as I wonder how my fellow Canadians could have done what they are about to do...

Update: Read Michael Moore's statement on the Canadian election, especially if you are thinking of voting Conservative.

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