Sunday, January 08, 2006

How is the Backyard Leaves scarf like a pair of socks?

I don't have specific projects planned for 2006, but I do have a knitting resolution: I resolve to knit some things other than socks, for the love of god! On the needles at the moment is the Backyard Leaves scarf by Annie Modesitt, from Scarf Style, which I am knitting in Patons Classic Merino (colour: leaf green, of course). I started it before Xmas, would pick it up and knit one repeat of the chart and put it down again, but I've been really working on it this week. Last night I knit the eleventh (final) repeat and finished the little leaves at the end of the scarf. Yay, accomplishment! But it is in two little words that the Backyard Leaves scarf is like a pair of socks: "Make two." So now it is back to casting on, and knitting eleven repeats of the chart, and finishing the little leaves on the end, and then sewing the two halves together, and then I'll have a new scarf.

"Smells good so far," says Mooky. "Keep up the good work."

Thanks so much for your comments on my GRE post. At least I know I am in the very good company of a bunch of smart, funny, and creative women!

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