Tuesday, January 10, 2006

At the risk of hitting you with Too Much Information...

...I will say only the following few things about yesterday (though I could go on):

1. I am thirty-three years old, and I saw my cervix for the first time. And it was on a TV screen, like it was famous or something!

2. I now know what is worse than a gyno exam: a gyno exam that is attended by a resident and a med student. Four people in the room besides me, and three of them men. (But again, feeling like my cervix is worthy of a little extra attention!)

3. Hand-knit stirrup cozies are comforting. Thanks to whomever is responsible for that little detail.

(Don't worry -- no problems, though there had been a bit of a worry. My cervix appears to be clean as a whistle, and is now in talks with a TV producer over launching its own cable access show.)

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