Tuesday, November 22, 2005

These socks were made from Dancing, and that's just what they'll do

I've been knitting ankle socks -- from a ball of Knit Picks Dancing that Em sent for my birthday -- during lectures. I've read about people who knit during their classes, but I only knit in the lecture where I'm the T.A. (because, you know, I want to set a good example for the students). Anyway, I finished the socks in class yesterday. By the time I got around to trying to photograph them today, the light was mostly gone, plus Mooky was being difficult:

(That picture makes me laugh because it's possible to imagine that I'm standing straight and my arms are actually five feet long. Hee.)

Not that there's much to see, really; they're just ankle socks. This is stretchy sock yarn, so I cast on 56 sts., did 10 rounds of *k2, p2*, 2 rounds k all, heel flap on 26 sts., round heel turn, decrease back to 56, stockinette foot. Basic. All of the Dancing yarns are named after dances (funnily enough), and this colourway is Tap: purple, orange, yellow, pink, and green. And although the yarn feels stringy (is that the cotton?), I'm pleased to report that when I wore them it didn't feel like I was standing on a pile of string.

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