Saturday, October 01, 2005

Damn it.

It took me a second this morning to realize that the BALI BLASTS graphic on the news wasn't some kind of repeat from 2002 but was breaking news.

Anyway, Carolyn asked me the other day if I was "really never going to knit another whole sweater". Well, I'm not sure about that, but I am actually knitting part of a sweater: the Turtleneck Shrug is making a comeback! I'm planning to revive a few of the Languishing Knits this fall, and this one is my current project. The sleeves are done and joined; I just have to knit seven inches of ribbing for the turtleneck. I hope it ends up being cute, but I'm using Cascade 220 instead of Kid Classic, so it may just make me look like I have tree-trunk arms and a neck brace on. We'll see, hopefully very soon.

What else am I knitting? I think a better question is, what am I not knitting? I'm not knitting Kepler -- not now, anyway. I realized that as much as I love this sweater, I just don't need another worsted pullover. I'm also no longer knitting Trellis -- I just got bored. I have knit a couple of things that I can't show you yet. The next thing I'd like to start is Veste Everest from the fall 2005 IK (here and scroll down). Has anyone made this yet?

It's a gorgeous fall weekend here: sunny, breezy, leaves just beginning to change, pumpkins for sale at roadside stands. It's October! I love October. ::cough::birthdaymonth::cough:: I hope it's nice where you are, too.

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