Monday, October 10, 2005

Applying myself

I am currently in the throes of scholarship applications. Not only does this involve writing my student number on eight zillion different forms, gathering transcripts from far and wide, and getting professors to write letters praising my brain, but I have to write a Plan of Study (yes, in caps). This means that I have to write a full page, single spaced, on the project I plan to do during my Ph.D. Now, I'm just getting a handle on my master's thesis, which I hope to finish by next April. I don't even know where I will go to school next year, and I don't even need to start applying to Ph.D. programs until January. But I have to apply now for the Ph.D. money, and the government wants to know my Plan.

Dear governmental funds-granters,

I had a really good idea for a thesis -- in fact, I'm working on it now! The next one has not yet occurred to me, but I can assure you that, when it does, I will need money. Trust me on this.

Thank you in advance,
Sigh. I started knitting Veste Everest one day last week, and that's really what I want to be doing today. Especially because today is supposed to be a holiday! (Happy Thanksgiving!) But the first applications are due on Friday, and La Brainy needs to come up with La Plan, 'cause she's a-gonna need La Moola. Wish me luck!

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