Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You're so right

Thanks for your suggestions. I'd certainly thought of dyeing that wool, and I figured Claudia would think of that too, but there's pretty much consensus. The wool shall be dyed. I had a look at the Knitty feature on Kool-Aid dyeing and fell in love with all the pretty colours. The big question is this: Black Cherry or Switchin' Secret (what the hell kind of flavour is that?)?

The to-be-dyed wool will not become Kepler, though. I've restarted Kepler with the brown Briggs & Little that was to be Mariah.

Dyeing will involve supplies I don't have on hand, and Kepler simply couldn't wait. I'll dye the cream wool, and there is enough to make a cardiganized Retro Prep or other basic cardigan. Ooh, maybe I'll handpaint!

By the way, I dreamt last night that I woke to find 55 comments on that post. Do you ever dream about your blog?

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