Monday, August 22, 2005

a-Keplering we (might) go...

Remember the 1,350 yards of worsted wool I scored recently at the thrift? Planning an Aran was a little ambitious, it turns out; I looked at lots of pattern books at the public library, and I just don't have near enough wool. So you can understand that it was love at first sight when I saw the pattern for Kepler! (If you haven't seen this sweater yet, go have a look. Trust me.) So I immediately knit up a cable band, which would go across the bottom of the sweater:

It's very pretty, and this wool is made for cables, but now this is what I'm thinking: Am I really going to wear a sweater that is this colour? I think I would wear one that was entirely cabled, but a foot of plain cream stockinette under my pale face? Probably not.

I do love the pattern, though. I'm thinking of appropriating the brown wool with which I started Mariah several months ago. I still love Mariah, too, but she has stalled. The ugly truth is, I knit one sleeve, started the second, put the whole project in a plastic bag in a closet, and then (look away, faint-hearted knitters) found the finished sleeve in a different room one day with a toonie-sized hole in it and plenty of Bea-saliva around the chewed hole. Anyway, I'd wear a brown Kepler. That's probably what I'll do.

I realized this morning that I've been back in Canada for a year now; Beatrix and I flew into Vancouver last August 19. It seems like it's been longer than a year.

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