Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Multiple choice

I recently bought two skeins of lovely sock-weight merino on eBay. I was on the couch as the auctions were winding down, by turns knitting one of Bill's Fleece Artist socks and hitting the Refresh button on my browser in order to secure my victory. Bill, having been told that no, he could not use the Internet now, nor for the next seventeen minutes and thirty-eight seconds, feigned interest in the yarn purchase.

Bill: How much is it going to cost?
Alison: At this point, for the two skeins, including shipping, it's at about eighteen dollars American. That's for two pairs of socks.
Bill: You're crazy. That's about twelve dollars Canadian for each pair of socks!
Please complete the following statement:
In response to Bill's comment, I ________
(a) launched into a non-verbal reaction that began with a cackle, involved a series of snorts, and eventually ended in a fit of hiccups.
(b) held up his socks in progress and exclaimed, "That's half price, baby!"
(c) felt confident that I could explain Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile: clearly, she was recalling an earlier conversation with a non-knitter who had remarked, "You must save a lot of money knitting your own socks, eh."
(Yes, clever reader, it is a trick question. Anyone who has ever knit a stitch knows the answer is "All of the above.")

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