Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Babies are pretty small, right?

I'm knitting a wee cabled sweater (Trellis, a Knitty pattern) for a baby who will be born in September. I'm knitting the smallest size, since I figure he or she, being born in the fall, will need a good little sweater right away. I'm using Wool-Ease, because baby clothes should be easy to take care of. But I'm feeling a little worried -- this thing is small. I just pinned up the back and left front to my bulletin board in my little study room at the library so you could see:

What do you think? That's an 8.5-by-11 piece of paper on the left. The measurements are fine, according to the pattern; I guess I'm just wondering whether this is a very practical size for a baby sweater. Are babies this small for more than about five minutes?

(This photo pretty much encapsulates my life this summer: knit a few rows, read about murder, knit a few rows, read about murder...)

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