Friday, May 06, 2005

Well, bless my cotton socks

Hi! I'm in Bangkok. We've mostly been doing a lot of sleeping so far. I've had a forty-five-minute foot massage and a one-hour body massage. You can get a two-hour massage for nine dollars (Canadian). This alone is worth the cost of the flight, I think.

The flights over here seemed so long. I've done the Asia-North America trip seven times now, and this was the worst. Fortunately, knitting needles are not a security problem (unlike hoodies and Converse sneakers -- take 'em off!), and I actually knitted the whole foot of a sock and started up the leg. I ripped it all out later, though, since it was a little too roomy. I started again, but this time from the cuff. May I present the citrus cotton sock, as seen from our 29th-floor hotel room in the Siam area of Bangkok:

We went out last night, to the Suan Lum Night Bazaar. It was nice, but government-run and for tourists -- very clean and overpriced. We're off to the train station soon. We'll head down to Chumphon this afternoon and then over to Koh Tao tomorrow morning. I'll write from the island. Wish you were here!

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