Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm insane

I've finished marking exams, which is a huge relief, but I still have to write my own papers. I can't believe I'm flying to Bangkok on Monday. Ai-yi-yi.

I'm thinking in italics because, instead of actually working on a paper, I've had a few glasses of wine. The only conclusion I can come to is that I am insane.

I've been looking at knitting blogs for the last hour, while watching The L Word, and I'm realizing how much I miss keeping up with the blogs. Oh, those were the days when I had a full-time office job and could spend time reading blogs every day! I'll try to catch up next month, depending on Internet access. I'm certainly going to do a better job of having a blog. And of being a knitter. I still have no idea what knitting project(s) to take with me. As much as I think I'd like knitting a big lacey shawl, I don't think I'd ever wear it. I might have enough of that cotton-linen for a cardigan, but I don't have a pattern. Plus, Missy pointed out that one knitting project will not suffice, so I'll take sock fixin's -- Carolyn sent me a ball of cotton sock yarn a while back (in melon colours!), which will be perfect.

Oops -- I suddenly feel completely incoherent. Bedtime!

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