Friday, April 01, 2005

Yesterday I was at school, in the office where the grad students in my department can hang out and work. There were a few of us in there. I mentioned that I had the song from Mary Tyler Moore in my head, and... nothing. OK, keep in mind that there are students in a program called media studies. They didn't know what I was talking about. I sang the whole first verse and chorus, people -- even adding "And then she throws her hat up in the air!" And... nothing. I found this to be profoundly disappointing. Please, somebody, assure me that there are people under thirty who know about the Mary Tyler Moore Show!

Clearly I have a problem: it's after midnight, and rather than working on one of the four papers I have on my plate, I'm watching TV. Not only am I watching TV, but I'm watching the Biography channel. And I'll tell you this, but don't spread it around: it's the biography of Kirk Cameron. Kirk Cameron, for pete's sake! (Did you know he found Jesus when he was eighteen?)

Will I do any schoolwork at all this weekend? Or will I be modelling my finished Wavy scarf in the next few days? Place your bets...

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