Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Knitting project roll call

1. Socks (three pairs). The sock muse is still AWOL. The Drawer of Languishing Knits holds half a Silja sock, a near-complete Kroy Double Diamond for my dad, and one and a half Scrapbuster Spirals (with an end-of-the-month deadline for the Six Sox Knitalong).

2. MWAH! I started one sleeve and got just a little farther than the first major cable repeat. I love knitting this, but I think I'll keep it as my long-term in-the-background project.

Mariah sleeve

3. The Neck-'n'-Arms. I'm using Cascade 220 and dpns, and the dpns are slowing me down! I couldn't find my bamboo dpns so I had to go and buy a set of Susan Bates, and they're so heavy. I knit on this baby last night on a reality-TV jag (The Amazing Race, and hey, does anyone else watch The Big Break on, ahem, the Golf Channel? We’re hooked). Now I have a 16-inch tube of 3-by-3 ribbing. I have to finish this tube, and then knit another tube, and then knit a bigger tube. The only reason I'm actually going to do this is the Adorability Factor of the finished product.

Turtleneck Shrug sleeve

4. Cherry Garcia. No yarn in the stash for it, but I must must must knit this.

5. Koigu cowl. Also in the DLK (Drawer of Languishing Knits). I have made progress, though; last week I finally ripped the Koigu sock and washed the yarn so I can actually continue knitting the cowl. But geez, it's boring.

I won't even subject you to the lengthy Schoolwork Roll Call. At least in a program like Media Studies, you can write about pretty much anything as long as you can tie it to theory; for my Social Uses of Spectacle class I'm writing a paper on tattooing and Bakhtin's notion of the carnivalesque. Of course, it just makes me want to go under the needle myself...

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