Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Divine Miss B?

My presentation went pretty well on Thursday, I think -- except for when I was talking about female impersonators and said something about "Judy Garland and Mette Bidler." D'oh! Anyway, I didn't dress up. I had to go straight to tutorials after my class, and since the students are still reeling from their midterm exam marks, I didn't really think they needed to see me (a) as a man, or (b) in a wig and boa. (Or maybe that's exactly what they needed! Oh well.)

I've been knitting a little on my dad's socks, still on sock #1. But I've also been blocking, so I'll have a very exciting surprise for you soon! What could I possibly surprise you with? Well, since I'm planning to work on it tonight, you'll see quite soon, I hope.

And with that, I shall leave you in suspense...

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