Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Socks. Lots and lots of socks

Socks are the perfect thing to knit. They are portable, compact, and light. They don't take too much time to finish. They present the chance to use really nice yarns I couldn't afford to knit a whole sweater with. They are great for trying out a new or tricky stitch pattern on a small scale. And they're practical -- handknit socks are the best, coziest, warmest, happiest socks in the world. I love knitting socks, and I want to marry them.

Right now I have two sock projects on the go. One is for me -- ribbed toe-up socks in Silja yarn (supplied by Mia, inspired by Kris):

soft Silja socks

The other pair is my Dad's Xmas present (for last year, silly; I haven't lost my mind): gray Patons Kroy socks from a pattern called Double Diamonds, which itself is from a thrift-store sock pattern booklet:

Xmas socks for my dad

Two pairs of socks! But wait, there's more...

Remember the Six Sox Knitalong? I knit the first two pairs and skipped the next two. Well, the February/March pattern has been revealed, and I want to knit it: it's for scraps! And baby, I've got scraps. I've been meaning to knit up a pair of scrap socks for ages, and now I'll get to do it and redeem myself as a knitalonger at the same time! [maniacal laugh] And that's not all...

I spotted a very handsome sock on Lori's needles over at Crafty Brainwave yesterday, and five minutes later I had signed up for a new sock knitalong! (Hey, how'd that happen?) This one is called the Townsend Socks Knitalong. It's so pretty, and I am simply not immune to the charms of a pretty sock. In fact, I'm downright slutty.

So then, four pairs of socks in the next little while. I am halfway through my Koigu cowl, but I've stalled there -- wait, I have a good reason! Well, a reason, at least. I've knit up my pristine skein of Koigu, and the next skein is currently living as a too-tight sock. I guess I'll just rip the sock out, wind the yarn around something, dunk it in the water, and hang it to dry in the shower. (Right?) Also, I've begun to block my Must Have Cardigan pieces so that assembly can begin. But mostly, you'll be seeing lots of hot sock-on-sock action over here for the next while. Excited?

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