Friday, January 28, 2005

We will, we will block you

Remember the cone of gold wool from this post last month? It was the wool that Bill had chosen for a scarf. Now, the first thing I really ever knit was a scarf for Bill. I think he wore it once. Early on, I learned that surprising someone with a handknit gift is not always a good idea. If they don't wear the thing you knit, it's so much work down the drain. (Bill really liked the two pairs of socks I made for him; sadly, Beatrix ate the toe and an inch or so off the cuff of one of his lovely wool Xmas socks.)

Anyway, Bill has never asked for any particular knitted thing. Then one day in November while I was working on one of Strizzy's swap socks, he asked. (Actually, he said, "Knit me something, why don't ya?") I tried to be cool about it, not wanting to freak him out with my enthusiasm. "Oh, yeah? Sure, I'll knit you something. Whatever. What do you want?" And I tell you, while knitting something in secret to give to your sweetie or your best friend is fun, it's even better to finish a requested knit and have the recipient say, "It's beautiful! It's perfect. I love it."

It's beautiful! It's perfect. He loves it.

The pattern is free online here; this is the "Matthew" seaman's scarf (as opposed to the "Matt," which looks a hell of a lot easier, which is how I knew Bill would pick "Matthew"). The whole time I was knitting this (which was mostly at my parents' place over Xmas), I wasn't convinced I was doing it right. The pattern didn't look at all like the photo on the pattern page. Blocking this scarf was like magic! Poof! there were the lines and curves that were supposed to be there. Magic. I now love to block.

I've been tagged by the Divine Ms. Em to answer some movie questions. I need to think about my answers some more, so talk amongst yourselves...

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