Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

To those celebrating Christmas, have an excellent one. To everyone else, have a great day. Me, I'll be eagerly anticipating Xmas dinner and my yearly dousing-of-the-vegetables with non-veg gravy -- it's been several years since I last boarded the holiday gravy train, so I'm extra excited. Then, of course, dinner will be followed by the traditional unbuttoning of the pants and moaning. It's a great holiday, isn't it? Crass commercialism, overeating, and jigsaw puzzles. What could be better?

5 minutes later... Hmm. That was a bit snarky, wasn't it? I really do love Christmas, actually. And I'm really happy to be here with my family this year after being away the last three. This is, however, the first Xmas I've spent without Bill since 1993, and I wish he were here (and Bea, too). This is just one of those times when I can't have it all. But Bill just couldn't come with me, and what I do have is pretty good: my knitting aunt is impressed with my knitting (and my ability to wind yarn into a centre-pull ball); my brother is actually wearing the tuque I knit for him last year; my dad dug carrots out of his garden the other day (and they were delicious); my mom is making sure I eat Mandarin oranges and drink milk as well as stuffing myself with tarts and squares and cookies; my family had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of pizza delivery (and not a kernel of canned corn to be found); I hung out with my pal Allison (2L) this afternoon and we have a lunch date next week (finally resuming an Xmas tradition, at the best-ever Greek restaurant); my friend Rose and her son Sam baked the letters of my name in gingerbread for me; I have plans to see other friends and relatives; and unlike Bill and Bea, I'm not snowed in. From the bottom of my warm and wooly heart, I wish you a merry Christmas. Enjoy yourself, and enjoy your friends and family. And your gravy.

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