Friday, November 12, 2004

Knitting, movies

I went looking for the new issue of Interweave Knits yesterday -- I know it's out there! -- but I couldn't find it. OK, well, I only checked at the A&P. What I did find was the premiere issue of knit.1 magazine. This is a joint project of Vogue Knitting and Lion Brand yarns, and supposedly it's for teenagers. Um, are Canadian teens going to spend $7.99 + tax (which in this province is $9.19) on a knitting magazine? Maybe. Or maybe the idea is that mothers will buy knit.1 for their daughters. "Dear? When you get tired of smoking pot in the basement day after day, I thought you might like to try knitting with Fun Fur!" (Aside: Lion Brand advertisements of leotard-clad dancers wearing hideous knit accessories have got to stop.)

It is a pretty cute magazine, I guess. I'm not the target market, of course. There's a nice basic cardigan pattern (#13, if you're following along at home) and a versatile vest pattern (#33). I happen to have enough Wool-Ease for the vest, and since intarsia is my new best friend, maybe I'll whip one up. (No, not with the "knitters rock" chart provided in the magazine.)

I was looking at the knits in the new Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation book yesterday, and was not surprised to find out that my favourite thing (the red capelet) was designed by Stefanie. Why not surprised? Because every little thing she does is magic. Few other things appealed to me, though.

I've been talking about knitting a lot lately, haven't I? I've seen some good movies. I'm signed up to an online DVD dealie, where you pick a zillion titles you want to watch, and a few at a time get mailed to your house. (Hey, anything I can do to reduce the number of times I'll actually have to go outside this winter...) I loved Tully and The Dancer Upstairs (featuring the outrageously dashing Javier Bardem), I really liked Gosford Park, Before Night Falls, The Believer, and Bully. I could've done without seeing Cold Mountain and The Company. The TV series Boomtown was OK (I love the whole Wahlberg family). The Office had me peeing my pants.

All righty, a big pile of first-year students' term papers is calling my name. I have fifty-five of them to mark over the next couple of weeks. Titles like "The CBC: Do We Really Need It?" and "Essay #1." I'm going to need a lot more coffee.

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