Saturday, November 13, 2004

The best sweater!

modelling for the self-timer

And since I made it myself, I'm going to show you lots of pictures of it. First, the details:

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool -- 4 balls of Dark Grey Mix, 1 ball of Rich Red
Pattern: based very loosely on Raspy from the Rowan Denim People book (very loosely)
Needle: 4.5mm circular
Intarsia: skull chart courtesy of Domiknitrix
Next pose: The Rachael!

Do the Rachael!

Yeah, I know, crappy lighting. Not only did I have to find a spot where I could get far enough back from my camera in this little apartment, but it also had to be a spot with a piece of furniture or something to put the camera on. So I'm downstairs in, ahem, Bea's room. Which means I'm standing quite close to where she likes catnip to be served, which means she's literally biting my toes in the Rachael pic. Helpful! She made me smile (like a bit of a lunatic, I might add).

Since you can't see too many details in the big photos, I took a couple of close-ups for you. First, here is a shot of a raglan seam (which is done with wrong sides together, so the seam is actually on the outside). Seaming was no big deal, since I'd done a selvedge edge. Plus, you can see the Raspy-inspired drop stitches around the neck:

raglans, gotta love 'em

And here's one more shot, so you can see that I chose this particular shade of red to match my toenails. I'm kidding. Here are a few more of those dropped stitches, and I wanted to use a bit more of the red, so I decided to do a ribbed cuff but stretch it out a bit during blocking:

red cuff

I ended up with a bit of a Flashdance neckline, which isn't my favourite shape, but I'm OK with it. This is the second sweater I've ever finished. I wanted it to be roomy and comfy, the kind of thing I could throw on to keep warm, and I'd say it's a success.

Dang it, I forgot to do the Em. But hold on to your hats -- it's the Iris!

Do the Brownsville!

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