Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'll keep knitting while the world unravels

at least I'll be warm

May I present the extremely unphotogenic huckleberry winter combo. I've had this scarf listed as 99% complete in my knitting gallery for several weeks now, as it waited to be blocked. And waited. And waited. It finally piped up and said, "Hey! I'm a scarf! Don't worry about it! You're going to bunch me up around your neck anyway. I'm done!" Well, fine. Who am I to argue with a lovely bunch of Mountain Colors 4/8's wool that's been knit up according to Rachael's fetching cabled scarf pattern? So the scarf-'n'-mitten combo is finito, but the reds-'n'-blues colour combo is miserable to photograph. The colours are really not this obnoxious in real life. Here, I'll hold up the scarf a bit so you can see the cable:

seed stitch on the sides, cable up the middle

There's no shortage of commentary on this week's U.S. election results. I won't even bother. I'd just like to remind American voters of those three important little words: Church. State. Separation.

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