Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Elections are good for knitting

...because I certainly can't read or concentrate on anything else. I don't have TV (note to self: get cable), so I'm listening to the coverage on CBC Radio. They're doing a good job, probably better than TV anyway, but there's just something about the constant onscreen number-updating that TV can do. Anyway, I'm just sitting here, knitting, drinking wine, and crossing my fingers for the Democrats. I don't feel very hopeful, but maybe that's just because the people I vote for never win. Of course, I didn't vote, so maybe it'll be different this time.

I don't remember any Canadian elections being so tense. I suppose there was a chance of a Tory victory in the last one, but I felt so removed from it all, being out of the country. Tonight, though, I'm reminded of the Quebec referendum of 1995 -- that was tense. And close.

I love the expert info that Michael Enright is digging up. (He's in DC -- I bet he has one of his best bowties on tonight.) Apparently Republicans are less likely to vote in bad weather! OK, everybody hold hands and chant: Storm in Ohio. Storm in Ohio.

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