Saturday, October 16, 2004


But nearly impossible to photograph.

I took that shot yesterday after I'd knitted up the first skein. And no doubt I'd be finished the scarf by now if I hadn't decided at that point that it was about four stitches too wide. Rrrrip (very carefully)! I'm glad I didn't just keep going, though. On 14 stitches, it's looking perfect. The colours remind me of India.

Apparently Cari has some of this same yarn in her stash, and she reports that it smells like goat. Mine does not smell like goat. It does, however, interest Bea more than other, traditional yarns do. Remnants of yak hair, perhaps? A trace of some Asian beast that speaks on a deep level to her little Taiwanese heart?

scratch 'n' sniff

Wouldn't it be funny if we could post scratch 'n' sniff images? Well, unless it was something that smelled like goat.

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