Sunday, October 31, 2004

Eeeeek! Nooooooo!

Today I'm wearing the scariest costume known to knitters: the back of a piece of two-colour knitting! Bwah-ha-ha-haaaa!

be afraid -- be very afraid!

Yes, my pretties! La Brainy is embarking on a stranded/intarsia adventure, and she is trembling with fear! Will it prove to be a trick or a treat? Does she have a ghost of a chance? Eeeeee!

Ah, but knitting with two colours is perfect for Halloween: frightening on so many levels! First, boo! -- the fear of trying intarsia in the first place. Ooh, it sends shivers up the spine! Then, once the knitting is done, the ends! Eeek! All those ends to weave in! If there are children in the room, cover their eyes and shield them from the horror!

(Don't even ask me what I'm knitting -- I want it to be a surprise! Nyeh-heh-heh...)

Beatrix doesn't even have to wear a costume today. She needs only to reveal her true self to cause a fright! She may look innocent, but beware -- 'tis only a ruse! As we speak, she is weaving her devilish plans...

evil Bea!

Happy Halloween from Brainy Loose-Ends and Beatrix Devil-Horns!

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