Friday, September 10, 2004

I only needed cream

Did you notice how I magically summoned the new issue of Knitty yesterday? Pretty amazing, eh? You're welcome. It's a good one, too. I'm happy to see cool-weather knitting again, especially because I'll no doubt be wearing lots of warm woolies this year. I think Zig Zag would look great in black, and I think Bill would look great in Petrol.

I'm a delayed-gratification type of gal. It's easy to tell which part of a meal is my favourite, for example, because I will eat everything else first. Earlier today when Rachael gave me the heads-up about the new Knitty, I knew I had to make myself a cup of coffee before even peeking at it. But I was out of coffee cream. What to do? I could go to the corner store at the end of my block to get some cream, but really, if I'm going out, I should probably go to the grocery store and get some other things at the same time. So I made a list and walked three and a half blocks to the grocery store. Things soon got out of hand -- grocery stores here are so big and have so many wonderful things in them! I found everything on my list and more, and I was almost at the check-out when I happened to notice the bajillions of kinds of ice cream there were. (Yes, that's right, I was forced to go down the freezer aisle to get to the check-out. There was no other way, I swear.) I can't remember the next few minutes too well, but at some point a two-litre container of Simpsons ice cream (Cookie D'oh) found its way into my cart. Who am I to say no to the d'oh? Anyway, paid for the groceries and staggered out of the store with eight bags full. What was I thinking? I managed to walk about halfway home, and I obviously looked pitiful, because an older lady called to me from her porch: "Do you need a ride?" OK, a senior citizen is offering to help me with my grocery bags -- there's something wrong with this picture. I kindly refuse and stagger on, reeling from side to side as the corner of a Cheerios box stabs me in the thigh with every step. Another lady approaches and offers to help; I feel like a jackass; she insists; we walk the next two blocks together with four bags each, chatting about the neighbourhood. All's well that ends well.

Do you remember the point of that little adventure? It was so I could have a cup of coffee while I looked at the new Knitty.

(Good news: I figured out how to get my photos into my computer! Bad news: Blogger isn't letting me upload photos today! Grr.)

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