Saturday, September 25, 2004

Hot date tonight

It's been a long time since I've seen a band play live (you may recall that in the past three years I went to two outdoor shows: Beastie Boys in 2003 and the recentish 5678s/JSBX fest), so I'm very excited about the number of bands that come to play in my newly adopted university town. Tonight I'm going to see Sarah Harmer (no idea whether she is known in the States). The marquee at the local auditorium is awesome this week:

SARAH HARMER                 SEPT 25

Sweet. Then tomorrow night Julie Doiron is playing. Awesome. I shall set aside Eclipse of Reason for the evening in the interests of being a well-rounded person. One cannot survive on the Frankfurt School alone! (Yikes -- the very thought sends shivers up my spine.)

I went to the public library yesterday to get a library card. On my way out, I made a wee detour through the knitting section (if you consider going up to the third floor to be "on my way out"). Holy Alice Starmore! So many pattern books. I resisted, since I don't need to start anything right now, but I'll definitely be back. The Starmore Arans? Swoonworthy. And I was strangely drawn to Folk Mittens, too, thanks to the Yarn Harlot. (Yes, somehow this post, while painful, makes me want to knit Latvian mittens. Go figure.)

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